All Day Pacific

Pacific Ocean views all day. Rosie’s soaking up every second in Coronado!


Endless Summer

Rosie couldn’t let summer end without one.more.vacation! School can wait (don’t worry she has a whole packet of work to do this week in between in between leisure activities!)

Dance and Game

Long and fun day for Rosie B today! The 80s themed back to school dance happened at school and it was a blast! Then, Rosie dashed over to her first soccer game that ended in a loss. She played goalie for about five minutes and maybe once she sort of, kind of, maybe lifted her leg just a teensy tiny bit to try and stop the ball from going in. It didn’t work.

Patriots > Giants

Rosie made a huge declaration today: she wants to be a Patriots fan instead of a Giants fan (because Boston is her “home state.”) She says she will still sort of cheer for the Giants (lest we forget NY is her “second home”) but Patriots are her #1. Obviously Mommy had some apparel for her to start wearing immediately. Lots of our old Boston friends will be thrilled to see this! ❤️

Peacocks and Soccer Goals

Rosie Beatrix has to present a fable to her class today, and she chose The Peacock’s Complaint (with a little help from Mommy who encouraged her to choose a fable with lots of animals so she could do lots of crafting!) Tonight was a practice soccer game — and Rosie got to play goalie for some of the game!