End of School Beach Party

Today was the very last day of school, and Rosie’s school threw a huge beach party! It was SO.MUCH.FUN. Mommy can’t even think of the fact that this is her very first last day without tearing up and thinking of what a wonderful year she has had. She’s really lucked out with the best teachers AND the best friends!! 


Rosie has been really enjoying listening to podcasts lately. She (and Mommy!) are actually learning quite a lot by listening to science podcasts. She now pretends to host her own podcasts; that is, when she’s not pretending to be a dog (Gidgey), a cat (Treasure Cake Candle Sapphire), or a dolphin (Rose.) And today after school, she got to play at the park! 

The World is Beautiful

Today, while in the car listening to Mother Gothel sing to Rapunzel about how terrible the world outside of her tower is, Rosie said, “Mommy, Mother Gothel is tricking Rapunzel because, actually, the world is beautiful!” She speaks the truth. ❤️

Read to Yourself

Rosie doesn’t grasp the concept of “reading to yourself” yet– which becomes very apparent at church where she reads aloud. Hopefully the people around us aren’t too distracted– or I hope they enjoyed hearing the story of The Lion King 2 today! 

Do Dah Day Parade

Rosie B loves a good parade, so when Mommy found out that today was the annual Do Dah Day Parade in Birmingham, she knew Rosie had to go. The Do Dah Parade is the longest continuous running festival in Bham, and it is a dog parade that benefits the local animal shelter.